DSLR video has completely revolutionized our industry, and with good reason: the huge 35mm sensor on the Canon 5D Mark II is larger than almost any Hollywood camera out there, and at an incredible price point. Today’s new DSLR cameras are redefining cinematic storytelling.

That said, it’s NOT easy to navigate all the custom functions and menu settings to optimize your camera for professional video; and the hundreds of 3rd party rigs, monitors, and audio accessories are simply overwhelming. I’ve tried to simplify the confusion with a step-by-step PDF; I hope it saves you some of the endless trial and error I’ve been through! This PDF is part of a DSLR Video Crash Course seminar I gave at the PhotoPlus Expo; follow my blog to stay in touch for upcoming workshop opportunities.

Download the PDF here. And to see an award-winning short film where I put these DSLR tips to use, watch The Fall Line here.