If you see a classmate in the hall chances are you will not acknowledge them. If you see the same classmate outside of school by chance, you will likely nod or smile. Now if you see the same classmate halfway around the globe, well you just might spend the day with them. 

That’s just what we had the pleasure of doing. In an effort to get tips and advice we posted our itinerary to Facebook. As luck would have it a former classmate of Draper’s is currently living in Singapore!

We met up with Jason Chow and had in him the best tour guide of this beautiful city. He helped us navigate Little India- the Mustafa Center, the open street markets and joined us for a meal at a delicious vegetarian cafe.

From there we had our first local Singaporean coffee. It.was.delicious.

With renewed energy we continued to walk along the river in Clarke Quay, then over to business district all the while learning about local customs, architecture and history.

Special thank you to Jason for spending the day with us and giving us tips on how to stay out of trouble, and some suggestions for great photo spots!