In This Photo Series for Wrangler Brand Western Wear, The Wide Open Spaces of Western Ranch Land Make an Iconic Background.

Young Western Couple in a Field at Sunset

This Graceful Portrait of a Pretty Girl at the Wheel of a Vintage Truck Highlights the Lifestyle of Many Who Wear Western Style Apparel.

Young Woman at the Wheel of Vintage Truck

The Sense of Space Created by this Photograph of a Cowboy on his Ranch Captures the Wide Open Plains of the American West.

Cowboy Walking through Open Plains

The Intensity of this Extreme Sport is Captured Clearly by this High Resolution Action Shot of a Bull-Rider in the Ring at a Western Rodeo.

Bull-Rider Action Shot at a Western Rodeo

Dust and Sunset Make this Dramatic Portrait of a Horse Herd into a Beautiful Image of Western Life.

Beautiful Photograph of Horse Herd Galloping Across Ranchland

Durable Jeans, Boots, and Cowboy Hats are Part of Daily Life for Ranch Hands and Cowgirls. In this Professional Photograph, Two Cowgirls Dive the Herd into Higher Pastures.

Cowgirls in Western Wear Herding Horses

This High Quality Action Photograph was Taken by Tyler Stableford as Part of a National Ad Campaign for Wrangler.

Action Photograph of Barrel Racer Cowgirl

Hardworking Cowboys in the Corral Drive Steers Ahead of them as Light and Dust Create an Authentic Natural Filter for the Image.

Wrangler Brand Campaign Photo of Cowboys Driving Steers

The Modern-day Cowboy in This Photograph Relies on His Horse, His Truck and His Rope to Move Steers into a Holding Pen.

Modern Cowboy Drives Steers into Rodeo Pens

This Lovely Portrait is Part of a National Creative Campaign for Wrangler Brand Western Clothing, Shot and Directed by Tyler Stableford.

Woman in Cowboy Boots on Western Ranch

This Young Cowboy Finds Support from a Professional Rodeo Clown After a Hard Fall While Bull-Riding. This is a Rare Image of Camaraderie in an Extremely Dangerous Sport.

Professional Cowboy and Rodeo Clown Sponsored by Wrangler

A Lifestyle Portrait of a Young Woman in Western Apparel Posing on a Porch Near a Vineyard.

Lifestyle Portrait of Cowgirl in Casual Western Style Clothing

Professional Director/Photographer Tyler Stableford Captures the Casual Confidence of Growing up In and Around Western Lifestyle and Equine Activities.

Young Cowboy on Horseback Wearing Wrangler Jeans

Wrangler is a Clothing Icon Synonymous with Western Lifestyle. This Portrait Series Highlights the Reliable and Durable Nature of this Apparel.

Close-up Shot of Wrangler Brand Jeans in the Saddle

A Man and Woman in Western Style Clothing go Horseback Riding Together In the Evening.

Western Couple Riding Together

Western Lifestyle Photograph at Sunset on a Ranch

Wrangler Jeans and Casual Apparel are a Part of Western Lifestyle. Male and Female Models Pose for this Beautiful Photograph on a Western Ranch.

Western Man and Woman in Photograph Series for Wrangler Ad Campaign

This Incredible Portrait of a Cowboy in a Cowboy Hat and Pearlsnap Shirt Provides an Iconic Look at Western Life.

Hardworking Cowboy at Sunset

The Young Woman in this Photograph, Taken on Wide Open Ranchland, Moves Comfortably and Confidently in Western Boots and Lifestyle Apparel.

Stableford Studios Portrait of Western Lifestyle Woman

This Cowboy Pic, Taken in a Wide Open Ranchland, Highlights the Jeans, Cowboy Hat, Boots and Denim Shirt of this Unique Lifestyle.

Stableford Studios Portrait of Western Lifestyle Man

This Couple Walks Hand in Hand Down the Sidewalk of Small Town Mainstreet in Wrangler Brand Casual Apparel.

Casual Wrangler Clothing Shot in Small Town America

The Young Female Model in this Image Poses Casually on the Top of a Vintage Truck Beside a Brick and Mortar Wall.

Main Street Lifestyle Photo: Woman Sitting on Blue Classic Truck

Leaning on a Pool Table in a Western Style Bar, this Woman in Cowboy Boots and Casual Western Apparel Highlights a Friday Night in American West.

Woman in Lifestyle Wrangler Apparel in a Western Style Bar

Black Cowboy Hat, Chaps, Cowboy Boots, Spurs, Jeans and Denim Clothing are Worn by a Cowboy Waiting for His Turn at a Bronc Riding Event.

Professional Bronc-Rider in Rodeo Circuit Waits under the Lights

This Professional Cowboy Holds on the Railing in the Pen, Waiting for his Turn on a Bucking Bronco, His Eyes are Focused and Intent.

Wrangler-Sponsored Bronc Rider Waits in the Starting Gate

This Rodeo Action Shot by Professional Photographer Tyler Stableford Captures the Amazing Skill of Professional Rodeo Cowboys.

Incredible Photograph of Bronc Rider in Action