A Woman Farmer and her Daughter

An Image From Photographer and Director Tyler Stableford's Personal Fine-art Project The Farmers. Organic Farmer In A Greenhouse Producing Local Food.

Organic Farmer in Greenhouse

Animal Husbandry is Essential for Farmers. Young Calves Often Receive Special Care from Farmers, Ranch Hands and Cowboys.

Colorado Farmer Feeding his Calf

Organic Farmer Working in Field

Hardworking Rancher Stands in Front of His Barn after Cutting Hay. Photographer Tyler Stableford Captures Western Life in Images of Sustainable Agriculture.

Western Rancher Standing by Hay Truck

In the Winter in Colorado, a Farmer Carries Lambs Through the Snow. Sustainable Grazing and Herding Allow for Farmers to Connect with their Animals.

Woman Farmer Holding Lambs

A Farmer Teachers His Son About Organic Farming

A young boy shows his excitement about driving a tractor on his family's organic farm.

Portrait of a Boy on his Family’s Farm

Rugged Farmers in a Portrait of Western Life Reminiscent of Stark Images from the Dust Bowl. Hardworking Man Using his Truck to Feed Cattle.

Colorado Farmer Tossing Hay from Truck

A Woman on her Farm Helps a Young Calf During a Mountain Snowstorm. A Dynamic Picture of a Female Farmer Living on her Homestead.

Organic Farmer Carries Calf in Blizzard

Irrigation Work on Colorado Organic Farm

In Colorado, a Big Sky Opens Above Round Hay Bales on an Organic Farm. Grass-fed Cattle Depend on Hay from Organic Farms for Winter Feeding.

Round Hay Bales for Grass-fed Cattle

A Young Girl Learns About Growing Organic Produce. Youth Participate in Growing Their Own Food to Understand Farm to Table.

Young Farmer Portrait

A Third Generation Organic Farmer Looks Across His Hay Fields. This is a Portrait of a Senior Citizen Still Working His Land.

Western Farmer in Overalls

Tyler Stableford, a Colorado-based Director and Photographer, Captures Diverse Faces in his Farmers Fine-art Portrait Series

Organic Farmer Leaning on his Shovel

A Colorado Farmer Walks his Fences at Sunset. This Picture of a Farm near Aspen is in a Series of Portraits of Organic Farmers.

Portrait of a Farmer in the Mountains at Sunset

Big Sky Farm with Mount Sopris

A Young Female Farmer is Photographed with her Work Gloves Leaning on a Fence. Colorado Organic Farmer Portraits.

Female Farmer with Fence

Sustainable Livestock Raising is an Essential Part of Organic Farming. Photographer Tyler Stableford Captures Daily Life in the Mountains.

Sheep and Lambs on Organic Farm in Winter